As a small Practice we are able to offer a close and supportive service to all our clients. We get to know our clients and hope that clients will come to know us all and will find all of us here an invaluable source of help support throughout their time with us.

Working in a specialist Family Law solicitors all our staff know very well how difficult life can seem when relationships breakdown and how family problems can be upsetting and worrying. They are all trained to be helpful and understanding especially to those who call us for the first time not knowing what to expect.

Meet the team


Andrew is the practice principal and is a very experienced family lawyer and has been a member of The Law Society’s Advanced Family Law Panel for many years now. He has been practising family law for over 20 years so there is not much he has not seen or dealt with. He appreciates the need for family lawyers to listen and not to judge and to act positively to help clients move on with their life and resolve their problems in the best possible way. It is easy talking to him. He is not judgemental and believes that solicitors have to act positively to help their clients.

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April has been the practice manager at The Family Law Practice since it started. April has been working here long enough to know enough about the law to be helpful to clients on the telephone. She undertakes all the behind the scenes administration and works hard it make sure that the firm runs smoothly.

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