Property and Money Matters

Financial matters can sometimes be the most complex area of family law. Often the family’s primary asset is the family home. Given that the needs of any children are the first consideration, it will be important to make sure that a suitable home is maintained for them. There are a number of alternative options for example it may be that the family home can be sold with the proceeds divided between the couple or perhaps one person might stay in the house with the other keeping an interest in the property, receiving their share when it is sold. This might be when the youngest child has finished full-time education. We can help you explore the various possibilities and hopefully find the one that suits your situation the best.

As well as property, we can consider with you the payment of a lump sum, maintenance and pensions.

Our expertise in this area of law will be able to provide clear and professional advice and assistance. As a firm we hope that with our help you will be able to reach agreement without having to go to court but if this is not possible then we can help you take that next step.

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