Divorce and Separation

Our firm’s fixed fee for a straightforward divorce eliminates the uncertainty and saves worrying about how much the divorce will end up costing. We aim to provide friendly and down-to-earth advice all within a manageable budget.

If the Court papers are carefully and properly prepared at the outset then the procedure for obtaining a Divorce, a Judicial Separation or a Civil Partnership through the Courts is very often quite straightforward.

Divorce is the formal procedure by which a marriage or civil partnership is brought to an end or dissolved. The parties involved must have been married for more than one year immediately preceding the presentation of the Petition. You must be able to show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and you do this by demonstrating to the Court one five facts of divorce. These facts include ‘adultery’, unreasonable behaviour and the more amicable no blame 2 years separation and mutual consent; this is something that can be discussed and decided within any consultation.

It may be the case that in addition to the divorce itself there will be other concerns whether in respect of children, the home or dividing up any matrimonial assets. If this is the case we can help and will always aim to keep costs to a minimum and work with you to find practical and effective solutions.

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